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A K-10 school that came up in 2012, St. Andrews School, Keesara is one of the quintessential campuses in Hyderabad. The last of the St. Andrews Schools, the campus keeps up with the long-standing tradition for excellence in education, with a future for immense growth.

St. Andrews School, Keesara is constantly expanding in terms of physical infrastructure and world-class facilities offered; the eight-and-a-half-acre campus is made more accessible by a fleet of school buses. The school is not just exceptional in the realm of scholastic and co-scholastic areas, but has a sense of community that binds the students, teachers and staff together. With an atmosphere of mutual respect and ample opportunities, the students enjoy schooling with exciting, creative and meaningful learning experiences.


To provide an affordable quality education through a challenging curriculum that is student-centred and focused on inquiry-based, hands-on learning, with an active involvement of all the stakeholders in the learning process.

Value Statement

At St. Andrews, we believe in

  1. Ensuring a safe learning environment for all students
  2. Providing opportunities and resources to all students to learn & be successful
  3. Continuously improving the learning environment for all students
  4. Setting high standards for our school and students
  5. Maintaining a consistency of purpose with all staff members working towards a common goal of success for each learner
  6. Proficiency in technology which is necessary to prepare students for a globally competitive society

Senior Leadership

An educationist and a visionary, Ms. Hyacinth Emanuel, the Managing Director of the St. Andrews Group of Schools, is the driving force behind the schools’ endeavours. A post graduate in English, it has always been her passion and vocation to ensure that every student and teacher is supported and encouraged to be the best. During her four decades in the field of education, she has envisioned innovations in the curriculum, ensuring the continual professional development of her team. As a result, the teachers of St. Andrews Schools are well-equipped with the modern educational techniques and updated on the latest developments in their subject area. Under her guidance and leadership, the School has seen a phenomenal growth and propelled from a single school in 1985 to three campuses in the twin cities by 2012. Her efforts in providing best quality education have expanded the St. Andrews brand of education to Bangalore under the banner of Winmore Academy. Ms. Hyacinth Emanuel’s passion to help children with learning difficulties was realised with the initiative - Akira by St. Andrews – a learning centre and programme for children with dyslexia. She believes that every child is unique and needs to be nurtured in an environment which encourages discovery, inquiry, learning, expression and communication. A true visionary at heart, her main focus is on stewardship, cultivating an ideal learning environment and ensuring that every student acquires the skills necessary to effectively function in their community and ultimately, in the wider world.

Hyacinth Emanuel

Managing Director

It is said and I strongly believe that the “Destiny of a Nation is shaped in its Classrooms”.

As you step into St Andrews School, Keesara, you are greeted by not only the sprawling campus and cheerful faces, but an infrastructure along with culture and ethos that proves that our school is an amalgamation of the best of both worlds - the traditional and the modern. While qualities like mutual respect, tolerant attitude and value-based education show our respect for our age-old core values, our modern approach to education equip students with the 21st century skills, by instilling in them the knowledge and the attitude necessary to succeed in a technologically advanced world.

Our motto – Reach Out for Knowledge and Truth reflects our understanding and beliefs. Our main objective is to ensure that our students are provided with high-quality learning experiences, which gives them a solid foundation to build on, in an academic rich environment. We aim to offer a secure and happy place where every student is valued, every achievement celebrated and where the varying needs of students are understood and accepted.

We believe in building strong and positive bonds with students so that our students learn to be independent, think for themselves, become confident and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential and pursue their dreams in this ever-changing world.

Our team is committed to our students. Parents, in turn, you need to encourage and support your child by playing an active role in their education and development, and in maintaining a positive communication with school to develop a strong partnership. We believe that this cohesion will help us achieve excellence in our school.

“Build a dream and the dream will build you. No dream is too big, no wish is unattainable.

Padmalaya Sarma Chavalli


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